Welcome to the home of Houston's KURFU. 

Howdy ho boys and girls!

 Unfortunately, we are no longer together. I do have some great memories from the seven years I made music with my friends, which is why I keep this website. It's an archive -- my scrapbook, if you will.

 I've added every song that I have in my personal collection, and created a timeline of our history.

 Thank you to all that supported us, and everyone else around us these past few years. It was you that inspired us to do what we did.

 What was KURFU? We were an original, alternative, heavy, pop, industrial, dance, yadda yadda yadda, band.  Where the hell did we fit? We didn't care! Put the us into whatever box you like. In the end, it's all about the music, ain't it. All I know is that we had way too much fun playing this stuff to worry about labels. Check out the music for your yourself. See ya soon!


Max McConnell: Lead Vocals

Larry McConnell: Guitars

John P Barton: 
4&8 String Basses


Christy B:

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About The Band

KURFU music has been described as NIN meets The Cure (Music News April 1997). The band's roots go back to the early 90's when Max and Larry joined together to form KURFU. Mid 1994 saw John join the band, and the boys spent the next 18 months gigging and recording around the Baltimore/DC area. The band took a major leap of faith in early 1996 when Max, John, and Larry came to Houston from Maryland. They joined with Gio and Christy to complete KURFU. The varied influences from each of the members came together to create a unique alternative sound. KURFU combined an industrial keyboard and drum section with a rock solid guitar and bass to form a solid groove. On top of this were Max's catchy vocal melodies and lyrics.

 KURFU is no longer performing.

The Music

We recorded many songs in various manners. Most of the early tracks were done in fairly good recording studios, while some of the later recording were captured on a simple cassette based "4-track" machine in our practice room. 

Highlights for the uninitiated:

1998 - Games

1995 - Slave

1994 - Set Me Free

2000 - Darkest Cloud

2000 - Skin

...And for the brave ones, presented here is every single recording that I have from my time with Kurfu. Enjoy... 

Volume 1 - East Coast Years:

1994 - Intro

1994 - Black Sunday

1994 - Love Child

1994 - Set Me Free

1994 - Out Of Control

1994 - Only Time Will Tell

1995 - Are You Ready?

1995 - Every Time You Leave

1995 - Slave

Volume 2 - Welcome To Stinky's

1996 - Attitude

1996 - Domination

1996 - Lethal

1996 - Remember My Pain 

1996 - Say What You Wanna Say

1996 - Screwed

1996 - Sedated Mind

1996 - Sick

1999 - Chase

1999 - Come Alive

1999 - Dreams Of Yesterday

1999 - Forever 

1999 - Slave

1999 - Torture

Volume 3 - Beyond Stinky

1998 - Games

2000 - Away (Bolshoi cover)

2000 - Chase (Acoustic)

2000 - Chase

2000 - Come Alive

2000 - Darkest Cloud

2000 - Head Trip

2000 - Sanctuary

2000 - Skin

2000 - Tainted Love (Soft Cell cover)

1999 - Games (Tukatz Remix)


The history is as accurate as I can recall... Corrections and additions are welcome. 


Last show, Outback Pub, January 2002


  • Kurfu plays their last show in January.

  • Christy leaves the band in January.

  • Gio volunteers for six more months of Army training and leaves in January.

  • Max and John disband what was left of KURFU when they move out of the rented practice studio in March.

  • John begins working on his solo recording project in May.


Bobby's Extreme Sports Bar, May 2001

 Practice studio, late summer 2001, right after Larry left.


  • Larry leaves the band in late summer.

  • Robert takes over on guitar in the fall.


Outback Pub, May 2000


  • Gio joined the Army Reserves in January and was gone until November.

  • Played one show this year -- in May at The Outback Pub. 

  •  Needless to say, we didn't get much done in this year.


Mid 1999





  • Christy joins KURFU early this year.



  • Gio joins KURFU early this year.

  •  John spends the summer in Baltimore.

  • Rob leaves the band in late summer.

  • Began recording at Stinky's studios in the fall.

  • Brett Fazio replaces Rob on lead guitar, but leaves the band after two months.




  • Max, Larry, John, and Rob move to Houston in November.

  • Karl chose to leave the band and stay in Baltimore.

Bill Pratt Studio

  • Recorded in the spring of  1995.

  • Unable to locate copies of these songs -- Slave, Every Time You Leave, and ???

Ray Tilkens Studio

  • Recorded in late 1994 and released on cassette in 1995.

  • Rob Elliott on lead guitar

  • Karl Riechenbach on drums

  • Only 300 were printed.



  • John joins KURFU in June.

  • In studio from August through November.


  • Max McConnell - Vocals

  • Larry McConnell - Rhythm Guitars

  • John Barton - Basses

  • Rob Elliott - Lead Guitars

  • Karl Riechenbach - Drums

The Art Gallery

Here's my collection of pictures from KURFU shows. Just pick an album and start browsing!
Is YOUR face in here somewhere?!?

Do you have any photos that you would like to see here? Send them to me: KURFU@YAHOO.COM




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