In Memory of 
Fall 1998 - August 12, 2007

Ninja passed away peacefully at home sometime during the early morning hours of Sunday August 12, 2007 - just a few months shy of her ninth birthday. She is survived by he adopted brother, Scratchy, who is 14 years old, and of course - me.

Ninja and her brother kept each other company and would often sleep, play (sometimes fight), and eat together. She and Scratchy were close, and even shared the same food dish without incident. 

Ninja was truly a "daddy's girl" - she commonly would hiss at any other man that came near her, and she barely tolerated women. Ninja was a nervous cat that would go from peacefully resting in my lap to a panicky frightened killing machine with 20 razor sharp claws of death if the slightest thing surprised her. It was not uncommon for her to freak out for things like the refrigerator turning on in the kitchen, or my stomach growling... yes, she was that nervous. Most of the time, she gave me her lovable side - she loved to be held like a on her back like one would carry a human baby, and would quietly sit staring at me and wait for attention as I sat at my desk. If I ignored her for too long, she would let out with an almost inaudibly delicate crystalline meow in her bid for my attention. I think she may have been bipolar, if such a thing exists in the feline world, that is. 

I wrote a song about her last year; it's called "Two Hearted Girl," and was meant to be somewhat vague on the fact that it's about my cat - it could just as easily apply to a crazy human woman that you are in love with - it was supposed to be a trick, and I wasn't going to tell anyone that it was about my cat, but screw that. Here's a song about my bipolar cat that just passed away:

JPB - Two Hearted Girl (mp3)

This is a particularly special take of this song - the lead vocal track, while not perfect, was recorded while I was standing at the mic, and Ninja sitting on the stool beside me as I rubbed her head. This will remain the final take of this song.

She was loved, and will be missed.