In memory of
Sarah Jane Barton
January 14,  1929 - December 20, 2007

Today, my mom succumbed to a myriad of health issues, and is once again with the man the she loved and cherished for nearly 61 years.

She left me with many gifts; compassion, empathy, faith, dedication, and a love for music. Some of my earliest memories are going with her to choir practice at our church, and at other times delivering meals to the elderly in the dead of winter. She was always active in the church, and volunteered to run the senior center for many years. She organized group trips that allowed her seniors to see many places that they would not have otherwise been able. Throughout the course of her fruitful life, she touched many, many souls, and will be greatly missed by all that knew her.

This is the young woman that captured my Dad's heart.

She remained close with all of her brothers and sisters.

First comes love...

Then comes marriage...

Then comes seven baby carriages! (Ricky is not in this photo)

...And the grandkids...

For their 50th wedding anniversary, they renewed their vows in a ceremony at the church in which we were raised.