Here's a bit of where I've been. Pictures and music submitted for your amusement. Please forgive the quality of some of these recordings, as they were taken from old cassette tapes.


My Cats

Here is a video of various clips of my cats over the years set to music:
Show Me Your Pussy (20M wmv file)
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This is a gag song I did one night while killing a bottle of wine. I guess toilet humor never goes out of style. heh. 
Fiberman (MP3)



KURFU was together for about six years, and I have many good memories of my old friends.
  Here's where you can find our music, history, and pictures:

The official KURFU archive


What Day Is It

(John, Jack, Dave, Tim, & Mark on drums)

These guys were all really cool. We were mainly a "drinking beer in the basement" band, but we wrote a bunch of funky-blues type songs. Mostly I just played the hell out of my bass and sang backups. And drank beer. And had a blast! Still looking to get in touch with these guys... Anyone?

Kyna Woman

LSD - Groovy, baby!

The Game - One of my earliest compositions!

You Can't Hide

Electric Forest

Eyeball U


Watching You

(All songs by What Day Is It, except as noted)


High Boy


We played nearly all original music. Me on Bass, Tommy on Drums, & Andy on Guitar. Classic late 80's type power trio... These guys were fun, but I'm still a bit ashamed of the bandanna around my thigh. ugh.

Hold Me - My first vocal solo! Dig the high note after the bridge... Damn. Wish I could still do that.

When I Fall Down - I do all the harmonies, Andy Sings lead.

All I Need Is Music - I do all the harmonies, Andy Sings lead.

Rock My Life Away - Andy sings lead.

(All songs by Andy & High Boy)


In Your Face

Strictly a cover band. I played bass and sang backup.

Ummm.... What's up with the bandanna again?!? 

On the radio!

97 Underground 



All Contents John P Barton/Cats Crying To The Music  except as noted.