Recording "Love, etc..."

  I'd really like to thank Wayne Lacey for doing an excellent job on drums and percussion on several of these tracks, and also to his lovely wife Joanna for opening their home to me while we recorded Wayne's parts. Thanks also to Giovanni Sylva for laying down some killer drums on several of the other tracks, and to Scott for letting us use his warehouse to record those tracks. More thanks to Rusty Winz for the great harmonica part he did on "Right Now." And finally, thanks to Kristina Sullivan for offering her harmonies on "There Is You."


My home studio. All of the vocals, guitars, and mixes were done here.

Gio recording "Foolish Pride" at Scott's wharehouse.

Have studio, will travel!

The ever-mobile studio... this time fueled by Glenfiddich and Miller Light.

Self portrait.



Rusty laying down some mean harp on "Right Now."

Gear porn.

Pretty colors.

My desk.

Let me show you my brooding look.
My brooding look,
let me show you it.

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